We moved!

This year has been full of change for us all. At the Tri Health Clinic, we have had some exciting change: We moved! We are now located in a beautiful and large new office in a discrete medical building.

We have worked tirelessly to create a calm, private, relaxing environment for all our patients to be able to get the most out of their therapy experience.

Whether you are working on improving your low libido, keeping erections, stopping early ejaculation, pain during sex, or any other issue related to sexual health, our clinic can help.

Our office building is fully accessible with two elevators.

We have a gender inclusive bathroom on premises.

Our office is close to downtown Kingston. If you are taking the bus, we are right in front of a major bus stop. If you are driving, there is ample parking in our parking lot.

Therapy can be tough. We don’t want your experience to be. Our beautifully renovated offices provide the comfortable, safe space to do the hard work.

Talk to one of our therapists who are all experts in answering the question: How do I have better sex?

We use the latest science to guide treatment.

We have your safety in mind. Our large offices allow ample space for physical distancing. Our team is diligent about wiping down all surfaces between uses. We provide complimentary hand sanitizer and fresh masks, if needed.









If you are not in the Kingston area, our services are still available to you! Tri Health Clinic provides effective, confidential online sex therapy anywhere in Ontario.


Dr. Jenn Bossio

DR. JENN BOSSIO, C. Psych is a psychologist and sex therapist servicing anywhere in Ontario (virtually). She offers in-person appointments to Kingston and the surrounding areas including Bellville, Napanee, Brockville. She works with individuals and couples to help make their sex lives better over all. She uses mindfulness in her work to treat sexual health problems, and as a tool to improve overall mental wellness. Read more about her here.