What Is Sensate Focus?

If sex has gotten stale, if your desire is non-existant, if you are struggling with keeping it up or if you just need to start over with a fresh slate, Sensate Focus may be for you.

Sensate Focus is a therapeutic technique that promotes intimacy and connection by emphasizing non-sexual touch and exploration, allowing couples to enhance their sensual experiences and deepen their emotional bond. It can also be a powerful sex theray method to overcome sexual difficulties or sexual dysfunction, and help you start having the sex you always dreamed of. Sensate Focus can be done on your own with the use of our self-guided handout, but it is often most effective when used with the guidance of an experienced sex therapist. 


Sometimes, individuals or couples can re-write their sexual story and improve sexual difficulties on their own with the help of our Sensate Focus Handout. But some people need some help along the way in order to get the most out of it, or to overcome barriers.

Welcome to Sensate Focus at Tri Health Clinic

Reignite the passion in your relationship and rediscover intimacy like never before. Sensate Focus is an empowering exercise that fosters mindfulness and emotional connection, allowing you to experience intimacy in a whole new way.

The Goal is No Goal.

In Sensate Focus, there’s no pressure for arousal, orgasms, or any specific outcome. It’s all about exploring touch and emotional connection without any expectations, removing any negative associations with sex over time, such as guilt, low desire, or performance demands.

Penises hate pressure. And clits despise constraints. Sensate Focus improves sex by making it fun again, not a performance sport. 

Sensate Focus can be useful for the following concerns:

Erectile Dysfunction

Reduce performance pressure and stop the voice that says “once I lose it I’m never getting it back”.

Low Libido

Stop running from sex, learn how to want it again by creating a positive foundation for rebuilding desire and intimacy in a relationship.

Early Ejaculation

Build the skills of mindfulness and control; explore sensations and learn to manage arousal more effectively.

Painful Sex

Stop avoiding and take control of intimacy, and teach your brain that enjoyable sexual intimacy — when done right — can avoid pain.


Focus on your own pleasure and sensations in order to alleviate mental barriers, while also taking the pressure off! 

Sex After Illness

Create a gentle and supportive approach to physical intimacy, allowing partners to reconnect emotionally and safely reintroduce intimacy, while appreciating what your body is capable of.

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