Sam Levang


Dr. Jenn Bossio

Sam Levang

PhD Student Therapist

  • PhD student in clinical psychology at Queen’s University
  • MSc research focused on sexual, mental, and pain outcomes in individuals with endometriosis
  • Research and academic publications and presentations in sexual health, pain, and wellbeing
  • Recipient of multiple grants, honors, and awards related to academia and research proficiency
  • Member of multiple professional organizations in sexual health, pain, and mental health


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Thursdays, 9-6PM

Fridays, 9-6PM


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uYou’ve been under-performing in the bedroom and the doctors can’t help. You find yourself worrying about erections, or how long it will take you to ejaculate. That worry started in the bedroom…but now it’s always present. Maybe you find yourself creating distance from your partner because you’re worried it will happen again. You don’t want to disappoint your partner, but how could they not take it personally? Maybe you avoid dating altogether, wondering “who is going to want to be with someone who can’t perform in the bedroom?” You feel like less of a man. You feel like a sexual failure. You think “I must be the only one.”

 As my client, you will feel accepted, understood, and heard; you will know that you are not “the only one” experiencing sexual health difficulties. I use a mix of psychoeducation, metaphors, and humor to provide evidence based, easy-to-swallow therapy, while exploring deeper meaning behind emotions and behaviours. Together, we will forge tools to add to your sex therapy toolbox and leave you feeling empowered to leave therapy and re-enter the bedroom with confidence.

I am currently a clinical psychology PhD student in the Sexual Health Research Laboratory at Queen’s University. My program of research, which has received several academic honors, examines factors associated with sexual, mental, and physical well-being in individuals with endometriosis. I also have clinical and research experience related to sexual pain disorders and sexual dysfunction; I have published a paper examining “blue balls” (epididymal hypertension) and have co-led group therapy programs for women with chronic pelvic pain and genital pain.

As a graduate student, I am working at the Tri Health Clinic and I am also a PhD-level student therapist at the Sex and Relationship Therapy Service at Queen’s University, where I primarily see individuals with erectile and ejaculatory difficulties. My approach to therapy is collaborative, non-judgemental, and evidence based. I believe in creating a safe, open, and accepting environment where you can speak freely about concerns related to sex and sexual well-being. The therapeutic modalities that I use most frequently are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based sex therapy (MBST), and existential therapy. I am deeply passionate about understanding your concerns, making meaning of them, and working collaboratively to achieve sexual well-being. 

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy baking tasty treats, cuddling up with my cat, and adventuring in nature. 

Dr. Jenn Bossio

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