Reproductive Health



Reproductive Health

Effective Sexual and Reproductive Health Counselling

Maintaining Reproductive Health Takes Work

From prenatal and postpartum health to having a healthy sex life while raising small children, life can get busy and complicated, making it difficult to find pleasure and comfort in your body and sex life. But with the right support and counselling, you can get back on track.

What Is Sexual and Reproductive Health Counselling?

The importance of sexual and reproductive health to our overall sense of well-being cannot be understated.

Having said that, reproductive health counselling covers many topics and concerns. These concerns may be related to physical or hormonal factors interfering with your normal sense of intimacy or sexuality, like infertility, prenatal sex, and menopause. Or, they may be related to changing life circumstances like sex while trying for a baby, sex after a new baby arrives, or balancing a healthy sex life with parenting responsibilities.

Regain Your Sexual Health

No matter your concern, you do not need to live with confusion, concern, or conflict. With the right support, therapeutic strategies, and communication, you can regain the happy and healthy sex life you deserve.

Tri Health Clinic Can Support Sexual and Reproductive Health 

  • We can work with you and your partner to identify, understand, and work through your concerns
  • We can help you identify desired outcomes and develop effective strategies for reaching these goals
  • We can help you understand yourself and the strengths you bring to the table, providing you with the confidence you need to address the more complex issues
  • We can help open the lines of communication between you and your partner so that you can move forward in a more positive and productive way

Tri Health Clinic Helps Resolve Problems with Sexual and Reproductive Health

At Tri Health Clinic, we understand that sexual and reproductive health plays a significant role in your relationships and sense of self. That is why we take a more holistic approach to sex therapy, addressing mental, emotional, and relationship factors that contribute to your sexual health and well-being.

We base our treatments on four major principles (i.e., education, self-knowledge, changing behaviours, and tracking change), tailoring each to meet your specific personal needs.

We focus on education, identifying and working through sexual myths that may hold you back from truly gratifying and fulfilling sex life. And while sexual and reproductive health is a broad and varied topic, getting back on track requires understanding who you are. Remember, you cannot change what you do not acknowledge or understand.

Next, we will identify and explore how you can strengthen your skill set, develop emotional and interpersonal skills you may be missing, and help you let go of the behaviours and coping strategies that may no longer be serving you.

Constantly worrying about whether or not you are “cured” or “healed” can actually take out of the important work you are trying to do. Using questionnaires, we will keep track of changes and progress for you, working with you to ensure you reach your therapy goals.

Learn More About Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and Reproductive Health


Online Resources

Sex and U – takes a real-life approach to the questions and issues around sex and sexuality that matter most to Canadians. From talking about sex, to lifestyle choices, to contraception awareness and sexually transmitted infections, provides accurate, credible, and up-to-date information and education on topics related to sexual and reproductive health.

PostBabyHankyPanky Keeping the Spark Alive

We have developed a series of short videos (less than 1 minute each) based on our recent research on psychological risk and protective factors affecting the sexual and relationship satisfaction of new parents. The goal of this video series is to help normalize postpartum sexual concerns and open the lines of communication both between partners, and also between health care providers and new parents.

Book Recommendations

Get A Life: His & Hers Survival Guide to IVF

GET A LIFE is the perfect down-to-earth guide for anyone thinking of embarking on fertility treatment. It’s two books in one, a book of advice for women and a survival guide for men, each chapter mirrored but with very different experience and advice. IVF is terrifying, awful and extraordinary in equal measures for both partners.

GET A LIFE shares Richard and Rosie’s ride on the fertility roller coaster, bringing you the funny, emotional and physical sides of IVF. It is an invaluable guide from both perspectives on how to get through the process in one piece.

These resources are intended as a compliment to therapy under the guidance of a trained sex therapist.

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