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Effective Counselling for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Perinatal, Postpartum, Perimenopause, or Menopause

Maintaining Sexual and Reproductive Health Takes Work

From prenatal and postpartum health to having a healthy sex life while raising small children, life can get busy and complicated, making it difficult to find pleasure and comfort in your body and sex life.
The path to parenthood has not looked like what you expected. Maybe you’re desperate to start or add to your family, but it’s not happening and you’re terrified that motherhood isn’t going to happen for you. Maybe you’ve experienced the devastation of pregnancy loss and are left grieving in isolation, wondering “does this grief even count if it was “just” a miscarriage?”. Or perhaps you have just welcomed a new baby, and instead of the joy you expected, you’re overcome with sadness or fear. You question “how can I be suffering so badly when I was so excited for motherhood?”

But with the right support and counselling, you can get back on track.

What Is Sexual and Reproductive Health Counselling?

The importance of sexual and reproductive health to our overall sense of well-being cannot be understated.

Reproductive health counselling covers many topics and concerns. These concerns may be related to physical or hormonal factors interfering with your normal sense of intimacy or sexuality, like infertility, prenatal sex, and menopause. Or, they may be related to changing life circumstances like sex while trying for a baby, sex after a new baby arrives, or balancing a healthy sex life with parenting responsibilities.

Regain Your Sexual Health at any Stage: Perinatal, Postpartum, Perimenopause, or Menopause

You want to feel a sense of control when everything feels totally out of your control. You want to feel seen and heard; find a way to make sense of this life stage. You want to feel like you are not the only one suffering in this way, like you aren’t crazy or failing (“those Instagram mom’s make it look so easy! What am I missing?”). We can help.
We’re a team of passionate, warm clinicians who want to support you on the path to parenthood. We have psychologists, social workers, and even a registered nurse psychotherapist with many years of experience supporting women, men, and couples navigate the unexpected challenges along the parenthood journey. 

No matter your concern, you do not need to live with confusion, concern, or conflict across the reproductive life cycle. With the right support, therapeutic strategies, and communication, you can regain the happy and healthy sex life you deserve.

The Tri Health Clinic Helps Resolve Problems with Sexual and Reproductive Health

At Tri Health Clinic, we understand that sexual and reproductive health plays a significant role in your relationships and sense of self. That is why we take a more holistic approach to sex therapy, addressing mental, emotional, and relationship factors that contribute to your sexual health and well-being.

We base our treatments on four major principles (i.e., education, self-knowledge, changing behaviours, and tracking change), tailoring each to meet your specific personal needs.

We focus on education, identifying and working through sexual myths that may hold you back from truly gratifying and fulfilling sex life. And while sexual and reproductive health is a broad and varied topic, getting back on track requires understanding who you are. Remember, you cannot change what you do not acknowledge or understand.

Next, we will identify and explore how you can strengthen your skill set, develop emotional and interpersonal skills you may be missing, and help you let go of the behaviours and coping strategies that may no longer be serving you.

Constantly worrying about whether or not you are “cured” or “healed” can actually take out of the important work you are trying to do. Using questionnaires, we will keep track of changes and progress for you, working with you to ensure you reach your therapy goals.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources

Tri Health Clinic Can Support Sexual and Reproductive Health 

  • We can work with you and your partner to identify, understand, and work through challenges to your sexual life while on the parenthood journey 
  • We can help you identify desired outcomes and develop effective strategies to reconnect sexually with yourself or your partner at any point in the reproductive pathway, from family planning, to parenthood, to menopause 
  • We can help you understand yourself and the strengths you bring to the table, providing you with the confidence you need to address the more complex issues
  • We can help open the lines of communication between you and your partner so that you can move forward in a more positive and productive way

Download the Tri Health Clinic's Free eBook

Discover the key to optimal sexual health with our free ebook! Packed with expert advice and practical tips, this comprehensive guide will empower you to take control of your sexual well-being. Download now and embark on a journey towards a fulfilling and vibrant intimate life.

The Sexual Response Cycle Handout

All the information from our eBook compressed into a bite-sized version.


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Book Recommendations

Get A Life: His & Hers Survival Guide to IVF

GET A LIFE is the perfect down-to-earth guide for anyone thinking of embarking on fertility treatment. It’s two books in one, a book of advice for women and a survival guide for men, each chapter mirrored but with very different experience and advice. IVF is terrifying, awful and extraordinary in equal measures for both partners.

GET A LIFE shares Richard and Rosie’s ride on the fertility roller coaster, bringing you the funny, emotional and physical sides of IVF. It is an invaluable guide from both perspectives on how to get through the process in one piece.

baby makes three

And Baby Makes Three

The 6-step plan for preserving intimacy and rekindling romance after baby arrives.


come as you are

Come As You Are

An essential exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works—based on groundbreaking research and brain science—that will radically transform your sex life into one filled with confidence and joy.

Researchers have spent the last decade trying to develop a “pink pill” for women to function like Viagra does for men. So where is it? Well, for reasons this book makes crystal clear, that pill will never be the answer—but as a result of the research that’s gone into it, scientists in the last few years have learned more about how women’s sexuality works than we ever thought possible, and Come as You Are explains it all.

Desire: Desire: An Inclusive Guide to Navigating Libido Differences in Relationships

A radically inclusive, sex-positive guide to managing the inevitable libido differences in our relationships, authored by two certified sex therapists who are passionate about good sex

Desire invites readers of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, and relationship structures to shed the shame and misinformation that surround the topic of sex and instead learn from 2 certified sex therapists about how libido really works. Desire differences are one of the most common relationship issues, yet, with fewer than 1,100 certified sex therapists in the country, it can be difficult to find help. This essential book breaks the mold of the sex self-help genre, which typically focuses only on cisgender women. 

Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar’s Mind/Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility

By Dr. Alice Domar

Infertility is a heartbreaking condition that affects nine million American couples each year. It causes tremendous stress, can trigger debilitating sadness and depression, and can tear a marriage to shreds. In Conquering Infertility, Harvard psychologist Alice Domar—whom Vogue calls the “Fertility Goddess”—provides infertile couples with what they need most: stress relief, support, and hope. Using the innovative mind/body techniques she has perfected at her clinic, Domar helps infertile women not only regain control over their lives but also boost their chances of becoming pregnant.With Conquering Infertility, women learn how to cope with infertility in a much more positive way and to carve a path toward a rich, full, happy life.

Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders: Perspectives and Treatment Guide for the Health Care Practitioner

By Susan Dowd Stone and Alexis Menken

As a psychotherapist and educator of future mental health practitioners, I believe this work fills an important gap in reference books for professionals who care for childbearing women. Since the volume provides invaluable neurobiological research on depression and anxiety, I recommend this work to all health and mental health professionals.”–Illness, Crisis and LossOver the past three years, pregnancy related mood disorders have become the focus of health care advocates and legislators alike with subsequent reflection in nationwide media. Statistics on the prevalence of perinatal mood disorders suggest that up to 20% of women experience diagnosable pregnancy related mood disorders. The growing recognition of these common disorders, coupled with an increasing knowledge base about the dire consequences of untreated maternal depression, has propelled this issue to the fore of national public health priorities.This increasing awareness has also resulted in recent legislative and healthcare initiatives to screen, assess, and treat such disorders.

Therapy and the Postpartum Woman: Notes on Healing Postpartum Depression for Clinicians and the Women Who Seek their Help

By Karen Kleinman

Using a blend of professional objectivity, evidence-based research, and personal, straight-forward suggestions gathered from years of experience, this book brings the reader into the private world of therapy with the postpartum woman. Based on psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories, and on D.W. Winnicott’s ‘good-enough mother’ and the ‘holding environment’, the book is written by a therapist who has specialized in the treatment of postpartum depression for over 30 years. Chapters address diagnosis, medication, depression, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, bonding, as well as finding meaning and the power to heal during recovery.


Cribsheet: A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, from Birth to Preschool

By Emily Oster

As any new parent knows, there is an abundance of often-conflicting advice hurled at you from doctors, family, friends, and strangers on the internet. From the earliest days, parents get the message that they must make certain choices around feeding, sleep, and schedule or all will be lost. There’s a rule—or three—for everything. But the benefits of these choices can be overstated, and the trade-offs can be profound. How do you make your own best decision?

Armed with the data, Oster finds that the conventional wisdom doesn’t always hold up. She debunks myths around breastfeeding (not a panacea), sleep training (not so bad!), potty training (wait until they’re ready or possibly bribe with M&Ms), language acquisition (early talkers aren’t necessarily geniuses), and many other topics. She also shows parents how to think through freighted questions like if and how to go back to work, how to think about toddler discipline, and how to have a relationship and parent at the same time.

What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

By Dr. Alexandra Sacks and Dr. Catherine Birndorf

Your guide to the emotions of pregnancy and early motherhood, from two of America’s top reproductive psychiatrists.

When you are pregnant, you get plenty of advice about your growing body and developing baby. Yet so much about motherhood happens in your head. What everyone really wants to know: Is this normal?

-Even after months of trying, is it normal to panic after finding out you’re pregnant?
-Is it normal not to feel love at first sight for your baby?
-Is it normal to fight with your parents and partner?
-Is it normal to feel like a breastfeeding failure?
-Is it normal to be zonked by “mommy brain?”

In What No One Tells You, two of America’s top reproductive psychiatrists reassure you that the answer is yes. With thirty years of combined experience counseling new and expectant mothers, they provide a psychological and hormonal backstory to the complicated emotions that women experience, and show why it’s natural for “matrescence”—the birth of a mother—to be as stressful and transformative a period as adolescence.

Psychotherapy with Infants and Young Children: Repairing the Effects of Stress and Trauma on Early Attachment by Lieberman and van Horn

Psychotherapy with Infants and Young Children: Repairing the Effects of Stress and Trauma on Early Attachment

By Alicia F Lieberman PhD, Patricia Van Horn PhD

This eloquent book presents an empirically supported treatment that engages parents as the most powerful agents of their young children’s healthy development. Child-parent psychotherapy promotes the child’s emotional health and builds the parent’s capacity to nurture and protect, particularly when stress and trauma have disrupted the quality of the parent-child relationship. The book provides a comprehensive theoretical framework together with practical strategies for combining play, developmental guidance, trauma-focused interventions, and concrete assistance with problems of living. Filled with evocative, “how-to-do-it” examples, it is grounded in extensive clinical experience and important research on early development, attachment, neurobiology, and trauma.

These resources are intended as a compliment to therapy under the guidance of a trained sex therapist.


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