At the Tri Health Clinic, we provide therapy for individuals, couples, and groups.

“I can’t turn my brain off”
“I feel exhausted all the time”
“There’s just too much on my plate”
            “I want to be more present at work and at home but I don’t know how to do both”
“I want to live a happier life

If any of these sound familiar, then therapy might be right for you.

I’m willing to bet…

…that if you live a typical human life, you experience stress, low mood, illness, problems with sleep, or a combination of these things.

Welcome to being human.

If you are a smart, insightful person who wants to stop worrying, sleep better, feel happier, or be healthier, then therapy might be right for you.

Our treatment includes proven techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy or mindfulness-based therapy. Our goal is to work with you to make long-lasting, healthy changes to live a more fulfilling life.

Therapy can be done individually, with partners, or in groups.


Dr Jenn Bossio providing therapy to a gay couple


One in five people experience mental illness…
…but, five in five experience challenges in their lifetime.

Sometimes, we need a little extra support to get through the hard times. If you find yourself stuck, it doesn’t mean you aren’t mentally strong, or that you’re not trying hard enough. You just need the right set of tools for the particular problems you are facing. Mental wellness is having a full “toolbox” to be able to thrive in the face of challenges.

There are many types of therapies out there. Your therapist will work with you to decide on the approach that’s right for you. Read on to learn what that looks like.


Here is a sampling of some of the top proven treatments that
you can expect from the Tri Health Clinic:

Cognitive Skills

In therapy, cognitive skills involve taking a careful look at the way we think about the events of our lives. By taking a closer look at what thoughts are popping into our heads, we can learn to see things accurately and completely; neither unrealistically positively nor negatively. Cognitive skills help us build healthier ways of coping with our reactions to thoughts

Behavioural Skills

As much as we’d like to believe we can, it’s impossible to snap your fingers and change your thoughts or make feelings disappear. But behaviours are something that we do have control over. In therapy, we will build behavioural skills to dealing with challenges in new, helpful ways.

Mindfulness Skills

Mindfulness skills involve increased awareness of what is going on around us in the present moment, and observing each passing moment impartially, or without judgment. Mindfulness can be thought of kind of like “brain training” where we learn to keep the spotlight of our attention on the present moment, instead of falling down the rabbit-hole of our thoughts or emotions.


Solution-focused therapy gets straight to the point. Instead of focusing on the problems that bring you to therapy, it zeros in on the solution and making that solution a reality. This type of therapy really focuses on the strengths each client brings into therapy (and everyone brings some strengths, even if they aren’t aware of them yet). Solution-focused therapy aims to make effective, lifelong changes, quickly.


Our passion is combining clinical work and research to help people learn and grow from their difficulties. We believe in helping people make changes to improve their lives and maintain those changes long after therapy is done. We tailor our approach to fit your needs, so therapy does not look the same for everyone. But you can expect a safe, warm, non-judgemental space to learn and grow. You can also expect the treatments we use in session to be based on what works, according to the research.

In order to best serve you, mental wellness therapy is available in-person for individuals, couples, or groups.

Jen Brunet, sex therapist Kingston
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“I can’t turn my brain off”

Anxiety. Worry. Fear. Over-thinking. Stress. Call it what you will, anxiety is a built-in part of the human experience. And, believe it or not, a bit of stress can actually be helpful at times (imagine how hard it would be to get yourself to study for a big test if you if had absolutely no fear of doing poorly). However, stress can quickly get too big to handle. If that anxiety is getting in the way of living your best life, then therapy might be right for you. The good news is that anxiety is extremely treatable.


“I want things to go back to the way they were before I was sick”


North American culture often views the body and mind as separate things; we treat physical illness one way, and mental illness a completely different way. This is completely out-dated. Anyone who has dealt with illness (either their own illness or someone close to them) can tell you that being sick can impact mood and overall wellbeing. As someone with training in health psychology, I help treat people dealing with illness to keep the body and mind as fit as possible. I help people cope with new diagnosis, a chronic illness, or the impact of someone else’ illness (such as a family member or a partner).


“I’m exhausted all the time but it feels like sleep is impossible”


Good sleep is one of the cornerstones to good health and wellness. When we are not sleeping well, so many other parts of our life can suffer; we have a shorter fuse, get sick more often, are less productive, and experience more stress. When you have been suffering with poor sleep for while, it can feel as if nothing will make it better. But therapy for insomnia is extremely effective, and can transform your entire life in a matter of weeks.


“I’m terrified that there’s something wrong with me, but no one takes me seriously”

In the age of “Doctor Google”, it can be all too easy to loose yourself in the fear that something is wrong.

Research shows that people who have greater fears about falling ill are actually more sensitive to what’s going on in their bodies at any given time. This means that they might find it impossible to ignore aches or pains or blemishes that other people might ignore, and this can lead to a great deal of worry and fear that something is seriously wrong.

If you are spending a great deal of time searching symptoms, self-diagnosis, going to doctors appointments, or consulting with friends/loved ones about your health, the Tri Health Clinic may have solutions to put your fears to rest.


“It came out of nowhere and I’m terrified it will happen again…”


 Racing heart. Sweaty palms. Chest pains. Tingling or numb hands. Difficulty breathing. Terror. Feeling like you’re going to die or lose control…

The majority of people will have a panic attack in their life time. If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of having a panic attack, you know how absolutely horrible it can be. But for some people, panic attacks start to happen more frequently, often without any real warning.

If you have been experiencing panic attacks, it might be made worse by an intense fear of “when will it happen again?”. This might lead to more stress, and maybe even avoiding places where a panic attack might hit.

While panic attacks are extremely unpleasant, they are treatable. We can help.


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