Jane Allen



Dr. Jenn Bossio



  • Member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario (#7141)
  • Master in Counselling, City University of Seattle
  • BSc. Engineering, Queen’s University
  • MBA, Ivey School of Business
  • Training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD


Jane’s Schedule:

Tuesdays, 9am-12pm

Thursdays 12-5pm

(Virtual only)


What were you expecting from a romantic relationship? Enduring passion?  A best friend? Someone to talk to openly? Fun? Support? Someone to grow with? 

Maybe you found this partner and things were wonderful in the beginning…  but somewhere along the line some disappointment or even resentment has set in. Is all this playing out in your sexual relationship, too? Maybe you are seeing these awful feelings unfold in your relationship through infidelity, addictive habits, porn use, avoidance, or toxic communication patterns.

Do you feel alone in your relationship? Feel shame? Feel anger?

You are not alone. I understand that the “perfect relationship” is a social media phenomenon. I have experience with “what really goes on behind closed doors” and have supported many people with their relationship issues that cause them shame, hurt and anger. I treat my clients with compassion, understanding and without judgement. I have good insight, curiosity and wisdom.


Jane’s Areas Of Focus:

Couples Therapy

Infidelities and Affairs

Anxiety and Depression

Life Transitions

Thriving in Mid-life and Senior years

General Mental Wellness

Relationships force us to see the “good, the bad and the ugly” about ourselves and I have experience guiding individuals and couples to discover more about who they are as a person and who they are in relationship. I support clients to move forward in the direction of change they aspire to. I look at the whole picture, including values, attachment styles, family of origin, core beliefs, personality traits, communication styles, toxic patterns, life goals and dreams.

I tailor my psychotherapeutic approach to my clients and rely on my training in CBT, ACT and DBT to support them. I am very well read, keep current with cultural and global trends and have many resources I can guide my clients to.


Outside of the clinic, I am an avid curler in the winter and enjoy gardening, swimming, hiking, and golfing in the summer. I value time spent with family, friends and community. I read extensively about anything related to human nature and closely follow world politics and cultural trends.

Dr. Jenn Bossio

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Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF)
The International Academy of Sex Research (IASR)
The BC Psychological Association
Member of the Canadian Association of Social Workers
The Ontario Psychological Association
The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA)
The Society of Sex Research and Therapy (SSTAR),
The Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO)

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