In collaboration with the University of British Columbia, we are working to find new and innovative ways to ensure our clients get the fastest, more effective care possible.

If you are one of the 40% of women who experience little to no sexual desire, now is the time to contact our clinic.

eSense is an online self-guided program that addresses sexual concerns in women. It consists of two online psychological programs (cognitive- behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based therapy), both of which have been found to be effective in improving women’s sexual health when administered in face-to-face programs. Over the past four years, our team has adapted these treatments to online delivery on a platform that we call eSense.

As part of the eSense study, we are inviting women to use eSense for free from the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

If you may be eligible to participate, simply arrange a consultation with our Intake Coordinator. Otherwise, there is nothing that you need to do! All women will be screened at the time of their initial consultation. Please note that not everyone will be randomized to this study, but everyone will be screened.


eSense Information Sheet