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If you’re seeking professional help to enhance your sexual well-being and strengthen your intimate connections, you’ve come to the right place. At Tri Health Clinic, we are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in sex therapy in Ontario. Led by Dr. Jenn Bossio, a highly experienced psychologist with over 10 years of expertise in the field, we are committed to helping individuals and couples transform their sex lives with compassion, warmth, and expertise.

Let Tri Health Clinic be your trusted guide for expert sex therapy in Ontario. 

Leaders in Sex Therapy in Ontario

Whether you’re facing challenges like erectile dysfunction (ED), problems with orgasm, concerns with sex drive, pain during intercourse, or navigating new phases of life that impact sexual health, such as prostate cancer, life stressors, or welcoming a new baby, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We Use Science to Improve Your Sex Life

We understand that each person’s journey is unique. That’s why we tailor our treatment plans to meet your specific needs and goals. Drawing upon evidence-based practices, we offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic techniques to address your concerns effectively. With our guidance and support, you’ll gain the tools and insights to improve your sex life, reconnect with your partner, and bring back the joy and excitement to your intimate relationships.

Compassionate Sexual Health Counselling

Take the first step towards a healthier and more satisfying sexual journey by reaching out to the Tri Health Clinic today. Our team of experienced health care providers specializes in a wide range of sexual concerns, from erectile dysfunction to low sexual desire, providing compassionate and professional care.


Issues outside of the bedroom that get in the way of people’s happiness,
like helping people worry less, sleep better, or live
a full life in the face of illness.

Let the Tri Health Clinic be your trusted guide in Ontario for Expert Sex Therapy

Are you ready to address your sexual concerns, enhance your intimate relationships, and experience a fulfilling sex life? Tri Health Clinic is here to help.

As a leading provider of sex therapy in Ontario, we offer personalized and evidence-based treatments to help you  rediscover the joy, connection, and pleasure in your intimate life.

 Your sexual well-being matters, and we are here to support you every step of the way.


research & science

Our therapy is based on what works.

We use cutting edge research and science to help you improve your life.

The skills you will learn in therapy will stand the test of time.






Changing the Stigma Behind Premature Ejaculation

Learn about the causes of premature ejaculation, challenge the stigma, and understand why experiencing it doesn’t make men failures. Gain insights and solutions for a healthier perspective on sexual wellness.

No, Couples Therapy Does Not Mean You Are Breaking Up

Does couples therapy mean the end of your relationship? The answer may surprise you! Here’s what you should know.

Sex Therapy Is Not Always About Having More Sex

Sex therapy isn’t just about having sex. Learn what it entails and how it can support your relationship goals.

How to Talk About Porn Addiction in Therapy Porn addiction is often shrouded in feelings of shame, embarrassment, and anxiety. And talking about it in therapy can feel downright impossible. It's crucial to remember that while these feelings are understandable, therapists are trained...

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction: 7 Tips

Dealing with erectile dysfunction can be difficult. Here are 7 tips for managing it with empathy and care.

Will My Sexless Relationship Survive? Understanding, Normalizing, and Nurturing Intimacy

Wondering if your sexless relationship is over? Our blog will explain why it isn’t necessarily done.

Do You Experience Clitoral Pain?

      Empowering Change: Join in Transformative Research on Genitopelvic Pain! At the Tri Health Clinic, our commitment to advancing sexual health goes hand in hand with our dedication to scientific research. We are thrilled to share an exciting...

Sex Therapists: What They Do and When You Should See One

Learn about sex therapists: their role, how they can help, and signs it’s time to consult one for a healthy sex life.

Chronic Pain and Sex: Tips and Tricks For a Healthy Sex Life

Chronic pain and sex can be challenging. Read our guide for how to navigate this stressful time.

How to Treat Anorgasmia

Frustrated during sex? Anorgasmia is common but can lead to frustration. Here’s how to treat anorgasmia.


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Serving all of Ontario, thanks to online therapy (you must be physically located in Ontario to be eligible).


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