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Why Sex Therapy?


...a healthy sex life important?

Research shows that when our sex lives are going well, we are happier, healthier, and more satisfied with our relationships.

Sex plays an important role in overall life happiness. However, when there are problems in the bedroom they can seep into other parts of our life, and vice versa; problems outside the bedroom like stress, poor health, big life transitions, or relationship conflict can impact our sex life.


sex therapy

It can be too difficult or embarrassing to talk about sexual problems with anyone, including friends, family, or even your partner. Even well-meaning health care professionals may lack the knowledge or resources to provide long-term solutions (if you can work up the courage to bring it up to them, that is).

For best results, treatments of sexual difficulties need to address the 3 pillars of a happy, healthy sex life: the body, the brain, and the relationship.

Treatments that only address one of these pillars often fall short. For instance, the use of medication (like Viagra for ED) only treats the body, and couple’s counselling only focuses on the relationship.

In sex therapy, I will work with you and/or your partner to strengthen all 3 important pillars (the body, mind, and relationships), helping you achieve your best sex life both now and into the future.



sexual difficulties

can be extremely isolating, but few people realize that nearly half of us will experience some sort of sexual difficulty over the course of our lifetime.

sex is

a barometer for our physical, mental, and relationship health.

Are you ready to have a more fulfilling sex life? Contact me today to find out whether sex therapy is right for you, or to book your first appointment.