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What to Expect


As a clinical-scientist, I stay on top of advances in the field of sexual health. This means that I offer the most cutting-edge, proven treatments, and I personalize them to fit your unique needs.

Sex therapy can look different from person to person, based on their needs, their histories, and their goals.

My treatments are based 4 major principles:


Let’s face it; sex ed isn’t great. We all have beliefs about sex. Unfortunately, many of these beliefs are “sex myths” not “sex facts”. False information about sex can be quite damaging. I will work with you to identify and correct sex myths. Better beliefs about sex help us achieve more enjoyable sex.


It’s important to understand that there are many factors that have lead you to where you are today; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sexual difficulties don’t “just happen”. You can’t change what you don’t understand, so self-knowledge is an important part of change. In therapy, we will also put a special focus on the strengths you bring to the table.

Changing behaviours

Therapy is an active process; change doesn’t just happen by sitting in a therapist’s office once a week (although it would nice if that were the case!). In therapy, we will strengthen the skills you already have, build new skills you may be missing, and let go of behaviours that may no longer be working.

Tracking change

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but constantly checking in to see “Am I better yet?!” can actually do more harm than good. Using questionnaires, I will track your progress so you don’t have to. We will work together to ensure we stay on track to meet your goals for therapy.

Therapy may occur individually or with you partner. Remember that sexual difficulties are not an “individuals problem”; they exist within a relationship. So if you have a partner, I strongly encourage they come to sessions, too.

In order to best serve you, sex therapy is available in-person or online. Online therapy uses a program with secure, encrypted technology to maximize your privacy.

To find out more, read about my approach to therapy below.

Are you ready to have a more fulfilling sex life? Contact me today to find out whether sex therapy is right for you, or to book your first appointment.